Flight Delay Prediction

"With Heroku, it's like having a whole other developer."


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  • 3 Dynos
  • Ronin Database
  • 4 DJ Workers


  • Accurate, fast, reliable data
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Massive data processing

FlightCaster predicts flight delays 6 hours before your flight.

Traveling is never fun. Between crowded airports, expensive tickets and never ending flight delays, a flyer today is often left feeling totally out of control. FlightCaster brings some control back to the traveler. By providing flight delay information hours in advance, FlightCaster enables travelers to rebook their tickets, inform loved ones of travel delays, and make informed decisions.

Unique Predictive Capabilities

FlightCaster is a new application for travelers that predict flight delays. By processing huge amounts of data with advanced statistical analysis and inference, FlightCaster is able to predict flight delays up to 6 hours before flight time. Built quickly with a small team of engineers, FlightCaster was able to deliver their application by leveraging Heroku and Amazon AWS’s advanced cloud architecture.

Architected for the Cloud

Heroku is at the heart of the FlightCaster service. FlightCaster starts by ingesting millions of data points each day into Heroku. From there, they normalize all the data and store it in S3. Using a massive Hadoop cluster on EC2, FlightCaster crunches all the numbers to come up with their unique flight delay algorithms. These are fed back into the front-end, which serves up all their clients from the web site to their iPhone and BlackBerry apps.

“Heroku has enabled us to deliver a world class service without having the huge management and operational overhead we would have otherwise needed”

Accurate, Fast, Reliable Data

Customers turn to FlightCaster when they are at their most stressed with delayed flights. FlightCaster needs to be able to always work, and always provide the information they’re looking for quickly. When travel delays do occur, they usually happen in clusters, meaning huge traffic spikes for FlightCaster. Using Heroku, FlightCaster is able to instantly scale their platform as needed ensuring that customers always receive the data they want, when they want it.

“We provide accurate, fast, reliable data, but the only thing we focus on is accurate data. Fast & reliable is where Heroku comes in. Heroku is like having an extra developer, that knows everything about system administration. It’s just as reliable as it is easy. For companies with big needs, you should use someone who really knows the space.”